The 5 Safest NFT Marketplace to Buy & Sell in 2022

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It seems like you can buy almost anything online. You need to hop the internet and find a marketplace for it, from groceries to electronics. With the reach of the internet and its profitability, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear of digital products. As the name suggests, these items are entirely digital, so that you won’t find them in most marketplaces. Things like smart contracts or programmable art are just the many things you can find in NFT marketplaces.

An NFT platform stands for a non-fungible token, meaning tokens that you can’t replicate. This system allows people to sell online assets safely in areas few marketplaces can ensure. It is a massive help to people like digital artists. However, while impressive, NFT marketplaces are also risky. There are plenty of scammers out there, especially on disreputable websites. If you are not careful, you can lose your money and digital assets.

If you want to buy and sell NFTs, you must find the best NFT marketplaces. In this blog post, we want to list down the top NFT marketplaces for you to try. These are the best and can ensure your safety while selling non-fungible tokens.

What are the Best NFT Marketplaces?

The first question on your mind is probably how to find an NFT marketplace and what makes it suitable. They are all available online and offer applications and programs to use on your devices, and you can usually find ads easily if you look hard enough. With growing interest in the system, there are more NFT marketplaces available.

Once you find them, you should know what to look for to determine quality. You should ensure that the platform has enough protocol to prevent plagiarism and theft of digital assets. Next, you have to make sure there are enough people in the NFT marketplace so that you can find a buyer. It is pointless to try out a website to sell your digital art if no one is there to buy it.

In this race to determine the best places, there are a few front runners for NFT platforms. Some of the best ones are bigger and more influential than other NFT marketplaces. We listed the four most famous ones you can go for, and we will list them down and what makes them so unique.

OpenSea is one of the most popular places to go for trading NFTs, partially because of its simplicity. The system is easy for new users to understand and get into NFT trading. However, while simple, there is still plenty of high-quality art and content that you can find here. Aside from that, you have other merchandise like sports collectibles, domain names, and trading cards available. To buy things, you can easily connect your digital wallet to the system so you can seamlessly transfer money.


  • The system is straightforward to use. Even a beginner should have an easy time when navigating through their app.
  • Plenty of items is available from various markets, making it very competitive and comprehensive. It also means that people looking for a specific marketplace should have no problem finding what they are looking for.
  • OpenSea is one of the biggest NFT marketplaces globally, so it is safe and secure. There should be no risk of it collapsing or having financial difficulties.
  • You can connect your digital wallet to it. This can allow for quick and easy transfers of money when you buy and sell NFTs.
  • OpenSea allows for lazy minting, meaning that if you are trying to sell non-fungible tokens, you don’t have to fund it right away.


  • There are some security concerns about OceanSeas. Although rare, hacking does happen from time to time.
  • Unfortunately, while it does accept a crypto wallet, that is all it takes for payment. So unless you are a crypto investor, you will have a hard time paying and receiving payments.


Rarible is a community-owned NFT marketplace that focuses more on digital collectibles and art. The app is one of the newer NFT marketplaces and offers a very clean and simple interface without too much clutter. It is pretty popular, though, as one of the top NFT marketplaces and a direct competitor for OpenSeas

Many people praise the platform for how easy it is to use and sell NFTs. However, while they are simple, they also have plenty of protocols to protect the artists. Things like third-party sales are regulated to ensure you are getting a fair cut.


  • It is one of the most competitive and best NFT marketplaces out there.
  • The platform is excellent for people looking to sell NFTs due to the amount of protection they receive from the system. They can ensure you receive royalties from third-party users selling your NFT art.
  • The platform is straightforward, and the minting process can create a non-fungible token is simple. You do not even need to have any coding experience for it to work.
  • It uses the Ethereum blockchain technology, the most commonly used globally. You can even create multiple NFTs for some of their digital assets.
  • Rarible is one of the few places where you can get NFT games due to their partnership with MyCryptoHeroes (MCH).


  • Because of the regulation in place to protect the sellers, commissions for NFT art here can get quite expensive, and many people have a hard time affording the prices and turn to other marketplaces.
  • As of writing, there is still no mobile app for Rarible yet, which means using it on your tablet or phone is difficult.


This platform is quite similar to Rarible in more than just its name. Like the former, they both focus on art, but SuperRare is on premium, upper-class art. The art you find here is heavily curated, thanks to the abundance of art collectors. Meanwhile, its links with the Ethereum blockchain are highly competitive.


  • The platform has plenty of demand due to the number of investors it gets from its users. The result is that artists on it have more bargaining power. You can charge higher rates to sell your NFTs, making it one of the biggest NFT marketplace.
  • SuperRare uses a buying system that allows for easy purchases and transfers of digital assets between clients and sellers.
  • Super Rare is one of the best NFT marketplaces, making selling art reputable and ensuring plenty of clients.


  • SuperRare can get too competitive with many artists trying to sell NFTs there. The result is commission rates in the area can be very difficult to meet and compete with for new sellers.
  • Ethereum is the only accepted payment method, which means you are limited in transactions. Unfortunately, Ethereum charges high rates for the buy and sell platform.


Mintable is similar to OpenSea in that it is a general buy and sell platform for NFTs. Unlike other top NFT marketplaces, it is free to use. The setup is quite simple, making it easy to find whatever content you want. However, all that extra resources go into the processing speed, making creating and selling very quickly.


  • Mintable is a user-friendly platform that makes learning to use it quick and straightforward. There is no unnecessary content that gets in the way and makes it appear cluttered.
  • Unlike other media, there are no fees for listing things on the platform, making it more cost-effective for people.
  • The processing speed of the platform is much faster than in other places. You can create, process, and transfer mints faster than other sites.
  • The place offers a variety of NFT items and collectibles.


  • Compared to other places, the integration of crypto wallets isn’t perfect. There are some places where it is still lacking, and a few issues.

Although you can transfer money quickly, Mintable charges a much higher rate for your crypto wallet.

Nifty Gateway 

Nifty gateway is one of the biggest and most well-known platforms to sell NFTs. The platform is so well-respected that only a few artists are allowed to create a nifty gateway account and make their own Nifties. There are the tokens that store a photo or footage. What sets this website apart is its ability to use fiat currency and not rely solely on digital wallets.


  • It is incredibly exclusive for artists to use. You can get tremendous bargaining power for charging commissions by getting on here. Many people who end up on Nifty Gateway are well-respected.
  • The platform integrates traditional payment methods such as credit cards. You don’t need to be a crypto investor or own a crypto wallet to make purchases here.
  • Although selective of its users, it is open to its customers and lets almost anyone use it.


  • It doesn’t allow any crypto wallets on its platform, and all transactions are only done through a fiat currency, which means you won’t be able to use the Ethereum or Binance smart chain to make payments.
  • If you are an artist, unless you have plenty of experience and credibility, you won’t be able to sell on the platform.

Factors to Consider When Looking For The Best NFT Marketplace

Trying to understand all of these platforms can be mind-boggling. Instead, it is better to step back and consider what you want from an NFT marketplace. Some factors are critical to what makes a desirable marketplace, and if you’re going to find the best one for you, you have to consider these factors carefully.

One of the first and most important questions is whether you will be a buyer or seller. Some platforms lean more towards helping one group than another, and some places can favor the seller and charge higher commission rates or demand royalties.

Another factor to look for is what payment they accept. If you are an investor in cryptocurrency, you have more options to choose from. Since NFTs use identical blockchains as crypto, they are more willing to accept payment. However, if you want to make exchanges with dollars or credit cards, your options might be limited.

Lastly, you have to think about the minting process they use. You have to make sure that it works fast and creates your mints effectively. Aside from just creating them, make sure it can protect your assets. You have to consider many more factors, but these are the most important ones.

FAQs Regarding Buying & Selling NFTs 

  • What is Lazy Minting?

Lazy Minting is a process in the NFT marketplace for generating the mints for your digital collectible. The standard procedure in most NFT marketplaces is to pay upfront to create the mint. The mint is the unique code for your digital art that makes it unique and impossible to copy.

However, some places, especially the largest NFT marketplaces, offer lazy minting. Lazy minting means that they will continue to mint your digital art without an upfront payment. Instead, they will collect a portion of your profit to pay your debt. The system is adequate for digital artists who don’t have the money upfront.

  • Can I Delete an NFT?

No, an NFT cannot be deleted. Once you post on a blockchain, the code is there forever, and you will not be able to erase it. However, there are ways to prevent people from accessing it through a process known as burning. Burning works by sending your NFT to an unreachable address where no one will be able to access it, though it still technically exists.

  • How Do NFTs Get Their Value?

NFTs get their value similar to real-world art and collectibles. It all depends on the success and fame of the artist. Those who are more well-known have their art worth more. Things such as digital art can have their price increase over time. Once you are willing to sell the digital artworks, you can sell them for a profit since they are more valuable. That is how people make money off an NFT.

That is also why the value of work from artists who pass away is much higher than those still alive.

  • Do I Need A Crypto Wallet for NFTs?

In general, yes. A crypto wallet is one of the most common forms of payment used in an NFT platform. Since many NFT marketplaces use identical blockchains as cryptocurrencies, many integrate them into the platform. To buy NFTs, you may need to pay using Ethereum or Binance coins. However, this doesn’t necessarily apply to all platforms, and some are willing to accept dollars and credit cards.

  • How Can I Make Money on NFTs?

The concept of digital collectibles is no different from real-life ones. People like to invest their money in assets like this which have value. When you buy a digital asset from an NFT marketplace, you get a file of the item, and that file is unique, and no one can create a new one.

The value of that file can increase over time depending on the creator’s success. It works because these items on the NFT market have value from their rarity.

However, the variety of things in NFT marketplaces has increased in recent years. You are not just limited to digital art anymore, and you can find something like music, crypto, and digital trading card brands. If you want to sell your NFTs, you must ensure their value increases in the online marketplace.

  • How Can the Blockchain Benefit Creators?

As digital creators, many Nft marketplaces can help you through various means. The first and most apparent is offering an open marketplace to sell your NFTs. Since it is a decentralized autonomous organization, you don’t have to worry about too many regulations and rules getting in the way, and you have more freedom to create what you want.

The system can also protect NFT from plagiarism and art theft using blockchain technology. The minting process ensures that your digital artwork has unique qualities that prevent people from stealing it.

  • What are NFTs Used For?

The most prominent use of NFTs from investors is as a form of investment. Investing in online art and collectibles isn’t too different from physical ones. As their value increases, so make the investments. The difference here is that it is much more difficult to counterfeit NFTs because the coding ensures authenticity.

However, it is a way to protect their art while selling it for artists. Using an NFT platform ensures that no one can copy or steal content.

Final Thoughts

Although NFT content seems overwhelming at first, there are many more similarities to its traditional counterpart. Many ideas of value and investment are no different from how people invest in art today, and many of the differences aim to address the issues of the old system.

The process is successful enough that several platforms managed to become highly competitive and profitable markets. Each of the five major platforms we discuss offers unique advantages for buyers and sellers. What matters more is considering the factors you are looking for and choosing the best NFT marketplaces.

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